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Bloks Rule Summary

Bloks can be played with two or four players.


Each player has twenty-one stones, each of which is shaped differently and consists of one to five little squares. The board consists of 20 x 20 fields.
The players place one stone alternatingly, starting in the corners. The first stone of each color must use the player's corner square.
Stones must always touch another of the same color diagonally, but may never touch along the sides. However, foreign stones may be touched arbitrarily.

Goal of the game

Players move until no stones can be placed anymore.
The goal is to place as many stones as possible. As space on the board is tight, it is usually impossible to place all your stones.
When the game ends, the squares of which the remaining stones consist are counted. The player who has the least remaining squares wins.
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by Martin Trautmann
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