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Zèrtz Rule summary

The Zèrtz game is originally meant to be played on a hexagonal board composed of 37 fields, by two players.
In the basic version there are five white, seven grey, and nine black stones which may be placed on the fields.


The players move alternatingly. They can choose between two kinds of moves:
  1. Setting a stone
    • Take a stone from the common stones (below the board or on the right top) and place it on one of the empty fields.
    • Remove one of the empty border fields, which can be moved away from the board without moving other fields. (If there are no such fields, no field is removed.)
  2. Knock-out move
    • Knock out a stone by jumping with a stone on the board over an adjacent one to an empty field.
    • You get the stone(s) which you jumped over, i.e. they are removed from the board and put to your stones (on the right).
    • If you can jump again with the same stone, starting from its new position, you have to do so.
    • No fields are removed from the board in a knock-out move.
However, if a knock-out move is possible, it must be performed.

Goal of the game

The goal in case of the basic rules is to get either three white, four grey, or five black stones. You also win if you have got two stones of each colour.

Additional rules

  • If there are islands of fields (i.e. parts of the board which are no longer connected with the rest of the board) filled with stones after the move is finished, this island is removed completely, and the player whose turn it was, gets all stones which were on the island.
  • If there are no more common stones, but no knock-out move is possible, the player has to take one of his own stones and use it instead. (This happens quite rarely.)

Standard rules

The standard rules differ from the basic rules in the following way:
  • there are six white, eight grey, and ten black stones
  • the goal is to get four white, five grey, or six black stones; alternatively three stones of each type.

Tournament rules

The tournament rules are a slight variation of the standard rules to make the game more challenging for experienced players:
  • the board is enlarged to 48 fields
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